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PNU Dormitory

PNU Dormitory

PNU Dormitory PNU Dormitory

Pusan National University has comfortable dormitories available to students who come from other cities or have difficult commutes.

The PNU dormitories, also known as “college living halls”, accommodate 16% of the student body for a total of 4,436 students. The basic structure of the college living hall is 2 students to a room, with shared communal facilities such as showers, toilets, and a gym. The BTL (Built-Transfer-Lease) dormitories, Ungbi Hall (in Busan) and the Haengrim Hall (in Yangsan), both built in 2009, have individual heating systems, air conditioning, toilets, and showers to minimize the inconveniences of communal life.

For the safety and security of its students, each college living hall is set up with an access control system, which requires the use of a multi-functional student ID card to gain access into the buildings. This enhances the accuracy of identifying students without disrupting ease of access for its residents. Also, the buildings are equipped with facilities such as dining rooms, lounges, computer rooms, reading rooms, and laundry rooms for greater convenience and hassle-free living that promotes studying.

  • PNU Dormitory. Busan Campus

    Busan Campus

    • Jinri Hall 924 people (Male)
    • Jayu Hall 584 people (Female)
    • Hyowonjae 304 people (male and female students preparing for national exams)
    • Ungbi Hall 1,012 people (BTL, male and female)
    Busan Campus
  • PNU Dormitory. Yangsan Campus

    Yangsan Campus

    • Haengrim Hall 826 people (BTL, male and female)
    Yangsan Campus
  • PNU Dormitory. Miryang Campus

    Miryang Campus

    • Bima Hall 300 people (male)
    • Maehwa Hall 126 people (female)
    • Cheonghak Hall 314 people (male and female)
    Miryang Campus