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Pusan National University PNU Film in English for prospective students


We are well aware
That small thoughts and ideas can make a big difference.

We believe
That such changes can set new standards for ourselves and the world.

In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, The world is becoming one with everything connected and communicated.

Korea, a world-leading IT powerhouse

Pusan National University has shared 70 years of a great journey with Korea
A school of integrity beloved by the people, fulfilling its mission as OIN university.

Passion for education and a vision for the future inspired by Yun In-gu, the university’s first president.
Unwavering support and love of citizens and local businesses.

Devotion from US General Richard Whitcomb in building the campus.

Korea's first national university
This is how the dream of Pusan National University began.

We know
That the competitiveness of a university begins with fostering talented people.

We have established the local community contribution center and engaged in talent donations in education and mentoring activities for the underprivileged. Some 1,000 students march worldwide, including Northeast Asia and Africa, practicing the spirit of the times of sharing and volunteering.

Active industry-academy collaboration and technology transfer serve as the seeds of regional economic development while citizens respond to our effort with greater love.

University beloved by the people,
Pusan National University.

Creative fusion of education and innovation characterized by crossing interdisciplinary barriers and designing something new.
PNU seeks to build a create knowledge communities through ‘collective intelligence' and ‘holistic elite education' with the focus on ‘we’ instead on 'I'

The opportunities for academic exploration in a wider world foster student dreams of becoming global professionals, and reinforced liberal arts education helps warm-hearted talents better prepare for a future of being globally connected with a focus on people.

With promotion of basic studies and innovation of educational systems,
Research environment and sophisticated educational facilities through integration and growth,
As the individualization strategy and vision in convergent fields,
We are fostering professionals equipped with competitiveness, in theory and practice, and reaching world-class education standards and research achievements.

Proactive reformation of school system and curriculum in line with the times.

The truth and value established by the sweat and effort of 30,000 students and 2,000 faculty members has become a symbol of the global standards achieved and the confidence beyond research accomplishments acquired.

We provide care and support in a systematic manner for all individual students throughout their college lives from admission to employment,

More than 200 fellowships and scholarships help all individual students focus only on academic pursuits.

We embrace difference and diversity.

Over 1,600 international students from 79 countries around the world pursue their dream of becoming global experts at Pusan National University.

Our International Student Aid Center provides international students with aid and support covering a wide range of academic and non-academic issues in college, including admission, visa, dormitory, insurance, obtaining degrees, livelihood and counseling in a one-stop system so that they will be able to focus on their studies and other academic pursuits in a stable environment.

A number of academic programs, including our prep course for the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) and language tutoring, and hosting the Buddy Program, Mentoring Program, Korean Culture Experiences, and the ‘We Are One’ Festival, allow students to build up lifelong memories and insights. Our Muslim students are able to meditate or cook halal food in our dormitory equipped with a halal kitchen and prayer room.

Pusan National University goes global and students in Pusan National University become one with the world.

The university that fosters dreams and a promising future for students,

Students to the world with PNU!

Pusan National University!

The study of the age of Pusan National University has already started academic explorations in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and characterized by artificial intelligence.

Pusan National University Hospital is a leading future-oriented medical facility where an AI doctor named ‘Watson’ provides medical treatment for cancer patients. PNU also is at the heart of research into the Internet of Things (IoT), which will revolutionize our way of life.

With the launch of the IBS Climate Physics Research Group at Pusan National University, the first of its kindat a national university, the university and the city where it is located now serve as a global Mecca for climate research and attract keen attention from around the world, accordingly.

Ranked No. 1 in Korea in terms of the University Competitiveness Index in Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Six disciplines including Civil Engineering and Structures, Pharmacy, and Chemical Engineering have been ranked ‘excellent’ in QS World University Rankings

Pusan National University’s dream of becoming a prestigious world-class research-focused university that fosters academic explorations and competitions with world-leading scholars is already turning into reality.

We have established international exchange program agreements with 465 prestigious global universities and educational institutions from 54 countries worldwide, including USA, Germany, Russia, and China, in a bid to build up global competitiveness through a variety of overseas exchanges and volunteer service programs.

Students from around the globe join in our effort to cross interdisciplinary and other barriers to become one global research-centered university by engaging in a wide range of courses and seasonal sessions in our curriculum.

Today, my dream stands at a starting point again.

Although I sometimes feel nervous and scared, I am willing to march towards the future with a spirit up to meeting the challenges ahead.

In the upcoming era of a unified Korea, Pusan National University will remain committed to building and solidifying its position as one of the most prestigious world–class, research-centered universities, and as the Eurasian gateway beyond the boundary of Busan.

University with a promising future for students, University beloved by the people!

Pusan National University!