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Pusan National University was established as Korea’s first national university on May 15, 1946 through the efforts of the first president of the university, In-Ku Yun, and donations made for the construction of the university by the local community.


PNU, which celebrated its 72st anniversary in 2018, has become the top-ranked national university in Korea in terms of research and education, and its traditions and academic excellence are highly revered highly. PNU’s 210,000 alumni work in all professional fields both in Korea and abroad, and many are in charge of the development of the nation and the local community, while 30,000 current students, 1,200 full-time professors, and 750 employees work tirelessly for the development of the university,always exemplifying PNU’s core values of “Truth, Freedom and Service.”

Ascent to becoming a top world-class research-oriented university

Universities exist to create the new values reflecting the times through the accumulation and transmission of knowledge. In response to this ‘Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution,’ where human life is changing rapidly through the convergence of artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, etc., PNU is becoming a leading global research-oriented university, serving as the nation’s think-tank for balanced regional development and fostering global human resources through humanities education, and fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of the ‘hub’ university in southeastern Korea.

  • Launched the IBS Center for Climate Physics (ICCP) in 2017 and recruited world-acclaimed scholars.
  • Momentum for development of a medical and bio-technology research-oriented university at PNU’s Yangsan campus.
  • Fostering global human resources based on the humanities by becoming one of Korea’s primary ‘reading colleges’ through such activities as reading the classics.

A ‘Top level’ university ranked 3rd~4th for receiving government-funded projects

As the top national university in terms of research and education capacities, PNU has been recognized for its traditions and capacities. The university has been awarded a significant number of government-funded research projects. In 2016, it received KRW 30.9 billion funding from the government (Ministry of Education college financial support projects, fourth among all universities in Korea, and has thus been creating excellent research outcomes and fostering creative human resources to lead the future society.

  • 2017Hosted the Industrial Mathematics Center
  • 2017Selected for the National University Innovation Support Project (PoINT)
  • 2016Five project teams selected from the college specialization project (CK) re-selection evaluation
  • 2015First among national universities and second nationwide for interim-evaluation of BK21 Plus Projects

Leader of creative convergence and integrated elite education for the future

PNU offers convergence and integrated elite education that is bringing down the walls between academic disciplines and creating new things in order to incubate creative intellectuals, and has become the think-tank of Korea that creates the future society.

  • 2016Attracted Southeast Korea GRAND ICT Research Center
  • 2016Only one selected as software-oriented university in Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam areas
  • >2015Selected as ‘Great Teaching University’ in undergraduate education leading university fostering projects (ACE)

Highly ranked in six fields of the QS World College Rankings and Fostering International Experts

With six of PNU’s academic fields placed in the Top 101-200 in the 2017 QS World College Ranking, PNU is marching to becoming a global university. Furthermore, PNU has entered agreements with over 430 universities and institutes in 50 countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, Russia, England, Japan, and China in order to promote academic and student exchange activities. In addition, here at PNU, many of our students are gaining international experiences to grow as a global leader by interacting with more than 60 foreign professors, taking one of the more than 1,000 foreign language classes offered every year, and participating in overseas dispatch and volunteer programs to cultivate expertise on global affairs and global cultures.

  • Ranked High in the 2017 QS World College Rankings in six fields:
    - Chemical engineering, mechanical/aeronautical engineering, architecture, civil engineering/structural engineering, pharmacy, and materials science ranked 101-200 in the world
  • Determined benchmarks as part of PNU’s ‘VISION 2030’ strategic plan to become a Top 10 global university.More than 1,100 students participate annually in overseas programs and overseas volunteer work

Multi-campus construction of four eco-friendly education centers of innovation and growth

In accordance with long-term development plans to enhance the educational environment and strengthen research competitiveness, PNU has expanded to include four separate campuses: Busan, Yangsan Miryang and Ami Campus. The multi-campus was designed to contribute to specialized regional development through strategic investments to achieve convergence and research integration.

  • 2009Completed Yangsan campus
  • 2006Merged with Miryang University
  • Finished construction of a multi-campus with individual campuses in Busan, Yangsan, Miryang, and Ami.
  • 30,000 students, 1,200 full-time professors, 750 employees and teacher’s aides

Fostering human resources and developing future leaders through volunteer work and giving back to society

A ‘Hyowonin’ learns and exercises ‘consideration for others’ and an ‘attitude of living together peacefully’ through volunteer activities at local social contribution center. Every year, over a thousand college student mentors participate in education donation activities to spread PNU’s spirit of ‘sharing and volunteering’ to make the community a better place to live.

  • Won the Ministry of Education’s education donation award three times
  • More than 1,000 college student mentors donated their time to provide education services to those in need.
  • 2016, first place in Korea’s ‘University Social Responsibility Index.

Hub university leading Korea’s industrialization and economic development

PNU has contributed outstanding human resources since the start of serious economic development in South Korea in the 1960s to staff those regional and national companies that have successfully led economic development and industrialization. The university also is leading Korea into a new age of the ‘knowledge economy’ as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution of the 21st century.

  • 2017First in Korea for placing executives at Hyundai Motors / Heavy Industries and Number 2 at LG Electronics and POSCO for placement of alumni.
  • 2016Technology Transfer Organization’s (TLO) ‘Grade A’ top-ranking for three straight years.
  • 2015Selected as the best university for three years in a row in industry-academic cooperation based on evaluations by leading companies.
  • 2015Seventh in graduating CEOs of one of 30 major business groups.

Conscience of the times; flame of Korean democracy

At every major turning point in the modern history of Korea, PNU has stood up with the spirit of “truth, freedom and service” to oppose injustice. PNU was the conscience and flame of democracy in modern Korean history, and the university continues to lead the way forward through intellect and action.

  • 2015Awarded the Medal of Autonomous College Spirit by defending the direct election system for national university presidents.
  • 1987Leader of the June democratic movement of ‘Korean Democracy Development.’
  • 1979‘End to authoritarian rule,’ the spark of the Bu-Ma (Busan-Masan) Democratic Movement